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What to Eat New Born

A baby is said to be a blessing from God when the mother feeds the new born. The parents should take care of their newborn and feed the new born healthy food as the baby would also need the same. This is because it keeps the body fit and healthy. It is important that they have all the essential nutrients and vitamins which are very essential for the new born. So the parents should always make sure that they take the necessary precautions so that the newborn remains healthy.


One of the most important things that they should always be able to provide is food. This means that they should feed them with food that has the right nutrients for the newborn. It is recommended that the parents check with the health ministry and see what food is good for the newborn. But it does not mean that they should completely ignore the diet of the new born. They should be aware of what they eat. They should understand that they can feed the newborn with the right nutrition.

In this day and age there are many foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. So the new born should get the right kind of food. There are many food items that can be given to them. One of the food items is breast milk. Most of the babies prefer the breast milk as it is easy to digest and provide the newborn with all the essential nutrients and vitamins. The mothers can either buy formula made from cow’s milk products, or the new born can be given with formula made from soy milk or rice milk.


Different kinds of food are also recommended for the newborn. As this is the age where they should get used to eating new things, so they should get introduced to different kinds of food. This way they will not get used to eating just one type of food. So they will be able to taste different kinds of food and know what they like. They can eat vegetables and fruits as they grow.

However, the parents need to take care of themselves when they are taking care of the babies. They need to ensure that they do not take too much food at once. The babies cannot swallow a lot of food at once. They will become choked.

Many newborn get fat on the first few months. So it is important that they do not eat too much food while they are growing. The parents need to take the necessary steps so that the babies remain healthy. They should avoid eating junk foods, soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine.

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