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Types of Lasik Eye Options

There are many types of LASIK eye surgery and each has different advantages and disadvantages. For most patients, having LASIK surgery will result in a good vision for years and even decades. LASIK can provide better distance and near vision. Patients can go about their daily lives without glasses, play sports, and read the clock without any difficulty. However, some patients may still need to wear glasses in low-light conditions.

LASIK Eye Surgery

There are some risks involved with LASIK eye surgery. In addition to the risk of bleeding and infection, it is also associated with a longer healing time. The procedure can lead to overcorrection or under correction of vision. Some patients may also experience an irregular flap on the cornea or excess corneal haze. For these reasons, LASIK eye surgery is not suitable for everyone. While LASIK is the most common form of laser eye surgery, not everyone is a good candidate.

Alternative To LASIK

Aside from the risks involved with LASIK Phakic Intraocular Lens Implants are also an alternative to LASIK. In contrast to LASIK, these procedures do not involve the cutting or peeling of the cornea. Instead, an artificial lens made from silicone or plastic is implanted into the eye. This lens is designed to be permanent. The procedure takes only a few hours, but many patients report improvement in vision within 24 hours.

PRK is an alternative to LASIK. The benefits of this procedure are similar to those of LASIK, but it requires more follow-up visits remove the bandage and monitor the healing of the eye. It is a costly procedure and is not covered by most health insurance plans. You can look into flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts to cover the costs of LASIK. If you don’t have a health insurance plan, you can use your flexible spending account or health savings account to help you cover the cost.

People With Thin Corneas

LASIK surgery is the best option for people with thin corneas. It does not use a blade or laser but instead uses an alcohol solution to soften the outer layer of the cornea. The cornea is then reshaped with a laser. While LASIK does require a few visits, the procedure is much less expensive and less invasive than other types of eye surgery. If you are in good health, you can benefit from this procedure.

In Summary

There are a number of different LASIK eye surgery options. Each one is effective for a certain set of conditions. It will not cure a condition or cause the herpes virus to re-activate. While each LASIK procedure can be successful for a specific patient, there are still some risks of the procedure. For example, LASIK is not safe for people with irregular corneas and has a higher risk of infection than PRK.

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