The Three Points You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Samurai Swords

samurai sword which is also known as a spirit blade

There are different types of Japanese swords and among those there are two popular ones that are made of different materials. One of them is the Wakizashi, which means short sword and the other one is the Katana, which means long sword. The one that we are going to discuss here is the Samurai Sword and it is very interesting to know that even today this sword is still used by Japanese warriors even though they are so old. In order to be a true samurai, one needs to have a beautiful samurai sword which is also known as a spirit blade.

Now let us have a look at some of the famous samurai swords that were used throughout history. A katana is usually a Japanese short sword usually characterized by a straight, single-edged blade and a square or rectangular guard to fit two handedness. It was usually used by samurai warriors in medieval Japan and believed to be used for one to many years and in close range battle with their opponent. Wakizashi is another type of samurai sword and it means the “wound sword” which is used when cutting an opponent. The term came from the fact that the sword is used to cut off an opponent’s limbs in battle.

 Japanese swords is the Wakizashi

Now let us have a look at some of the most popular Japanese swords that were used during different periods in history. The most popular among them all is the Katana, which means “army sword” and was designed by samurai class warriors. This weapon has a flat edge with a tank, which is a masonry hand tool. These days, the Katana is primarily used as a collector’s item and is not carried on a daily basis due to its weightiness and because it is quite difficult to use and maintain. However, it is worth preserving since in Japan itself, there are many Samurai who still use this sword.

This is the third largest blade used during the samurai class and is made out of a single piece of metal. Wakizashi is also known as a morsekaku and has the maximum allowance of sloping ridges in between each individual blade edge. The most famous swordsmiths in Japan that make these swords are O Sensei and Takeda Master.

Japanese blades that are available today

Finally, there are authentic katana swords available today. These authentic swords are much heavier than any other samurai swords. They can last for a lifetime if treated properly. Authentic Katana swords and Wakizashi are usually made out of high quality carbon fiber, stainless steel, or titanium and they are much heavier than any other Japanese blades that are available today.

You can find many different styles of these Japanese swords on the market today. Each one is unique, and has its own story to tell. Some people collect these as a form of artwork, while others use them for everyday life as well. Whether you collect Japanese samurai swords as a form of decoration or a useful tool, you will always be drawn to the timeless beauty of these swords. When choosing which authentic samurai swords to buy you should always keep in mind the three points mentioned above.

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