The flag of the United States of America

The American Flag: A National Symbration of Freedom

The flag of the United States of America, also known as the American national flag or the US flag, is a symbol of freedom and independence for the people of the United States, as well as other countries, which are members of the international community. The thirteen stars, also known as the Stars and Stripes, represent the entire nation. The thirteen horizontal stripes represent freedom and liberty and can be seen from high in the sky to the very bottom of the ocean. When viewed from any place on earth, the American national flag can be easily recognized as a symbol of freedom and independence.


The history of the American national flag

dates back to its beginnings during the colonial period of the United States of America. At this time, the thirteen Colonies were divided into two groups: those who supported the revolution to become the United States of America and those who did not. This was because some of the Colonists lived in slave plantations in the southern part of the country. These people changed their name to free states when the Revolutionary War started. As time passed, the American Flag slowly became the symbol of freedom and changed from a simple blue flag to the U.S. national flag.


In recent times, the national flags of many countries

around the world have been considered American flags. One of these flags is the American flag, which has been around for many years. The Stars and Stripes are a historic symbol of freedom, liberty, and democracy. During the early years, the American government was not very consistent when it came to preserving the history of our nation. For this reason, many of our early American flags have faded from use.


Two flags that actually predate the United States of America

are the American and the Confederate flag. The American flag is made up of thirteen horizontal stripes, with each running from the top to the bottom of the flag. The union of these stripes forms the letter “A”. On the other side of this flag, we find the rebel symbol, which has a red background instead of the blue background. When this symbol was adopted by the United States, it became known as the battle flag.


The confederate flag

is even more complicated than the American flag. On the top, you will find an eagle standing on top of a white field, with thirteen red stripes down the flag. Between these two symbols, there is a blacked-out rectangle with five-pointed stars. In between these stars is another blacked-out rectangle with five-pointed stars and finally, the words “In God We Trust” in plain view. Many people consider the American and the Confederate flags to be equally important, but the truth is that the American flag represents freedom, while the Confederate symbol represents southern pride and heritage.


When the first flag was put into use

it was a simple affair. It consisted of ten blue pennons with ten red pennons on each, with one of those pennons having the Union symbol on the top. Today, it is illegal to display any symbol of hate in a modern US government building, or anywhere else in the country. Due to this, the Union symbol is no longer displayed on the American flag, but the Confederate symbol is to be displayed on the state flag.

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