The cannabis Family Tree Has Two Branches

The cannabis family tree has two branches, the indicia or potpourri family and the Sativa or passionflower family. In addition to these two groups, three other categories make up this interesting family of herbs and spices. They include Chamomile, Catnip, and Lemon Balm. Each one has different uses, but all are used for different highs and purposes.


The two most popular varieties of this plant are Habetica and Medicago

These two strains have been crossbred and are the basis for the various strains that are known today. Some of the names that are used to refer to these strains are Lemon Roll, Cheese Cake, and Hash Pipe. The differences between these two are that the Habetica is less popular than the Medicago.


The history of the two herbs that are most commonly grown is Habetica and Medicago

Habetica has had a history that spans much further back than the other two because it was originally grown in Ethiopia. It was only when the slave trade came about that the cultivation of this plant picked up across the world.


The Habetica strain

What we know today is the Original Habetica and was actually the first strain to crossbreed with uplifted seeds from India. The history of this strain is much more intertwined with history than many of us realize. When Jesus was on the island of Capernaum, he performed many miracles and many people became followers of his teachings and grew Habetica plants. This became the original Habetica strain and was crossed with strains from India, Egypt, and China.


the Medicago and was created in a laboratory by scientists from the University of Chicago

The second of the cannabis trees is called the Medicago and was created in a laboratory by scientists from the University of Chicago. This was done to create a specific type of cannabis that had a higher concentration of THC, but no CBD. This strain is also older than the Habetica strain and has a history that spans much further back than the Habetica. The historical documentation for the Medicago strains is incomplete, but it is believed that the strains were created during the 1860s or so.


Two of the most well-known strains are Hashish and Ganja

The hashish comes from the Arabic word “al Hashshir” which means “many leaves”. Hashish can be smoked, ingested, or diffused and the history of hashish is a bit hazy. Ganja is thought to come from the cactus plant and its name derives from the Spanish word “ganja” meaning sweet.

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