The benefits of energy-efficient lighting

Save Money With Energy Efficient Lighting

The benefits of energy-efficient lighting can be seen in many places. Energy-efficient lighting has become more popular over the past decade as our lifestyles have changed and we have become more aware of the impact of what we are doing on the planet. Energy-efficient lighting is also an excellent source of illumination, particularly for darker conditions. The following article will discuss how using energy-efficient lamps can make a difference to you and your environment.


One of the most obvious ways

that energy-efficient lighting retrofits can have a positive effect on worker productivity and profitability is through cutting costs. When you implement retrofitting into the workplace you can save money on your electricity bills. This, in turn, has a direct effect on your company profits. A recent study showed that energy savers, rather than simply saving the company money, actually increase worker productivity. The increased productivity brought about by the retrofitting process led to an increase in profit. There is no other way to put it: every penny saved is a penny earned!


Another great benefit of energy-efficient lighting

is that they create less heat than traditional bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs produce incredible amounts of heat and, because they are so hot, they are also highly visible in bright environments. Due to their heat, workers are often distracted by their glare and do not look around to find the task before them, which can cause errors in judgment and poor customer service. It has been shown that the negative effects of poor customer service far outweigh the small amount of extra cash that would have to be paid for better customer service. In the end, it costs less for companies to use LED lights than it does for them to use inefficient CFLs.


Through a comprehensive lighting upgrade

businesses can not only lower their energy consumption and their electricity bills, but they can increase worker productivity and cut their cost of operation. For this type of lighting to be successful, however, all previous lighting should have been removed. This means that for a lighting upgrade to be effective, old lighting should be removed or replaced with modern energy-efficient bulbs, which are more durable and have a much shorter lifetime than incandescent bulbs.


The first step to a successful lighting upgrade

is to carefully inspect your current lighting system. Write down all of the lights and their weights and measures and make sure that each fixture meets all of the required specifications. Once this is done, a visit to your local hardware store will allow you to see all of the available options which include the different types of lights and how many you will need to completely transform your lighting quality. With the right choices, your energy consumption can decrease and your lighting quality will increase.


The results of this type of upgrade can be significant.

If your business consumes twenty percent less energy than it did ten years ago, then you could save up to sixty thousand dollars a year. Not only will your customers notice a difference in their bill, but so will you! With a little bit of planning and a determination to use energy-efficient lighting, you can drastically reduce your total energy consumption which, in turn, helps to conserve precious resources and potentially save our planet.

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