Premature Ejaculation Treatment – What You Can Do Now to Stop it

sexual intercourse can cause it to become difficult to maintain a healthy sex life

Premature Ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction that men suffer from today. Roughly one out of every five males have premature ejaculation (PE), where they ejaculate uncontrollably within a few minutes or less after sexual intercourse. Most males who suffer from premature ejaculation are not pleased with this, and many sex therapists agree that each minute.

So, what are some of the possible solutions to premature ejaculation? Prescription medication – SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) are used to treat the physiological aspects of PE. While most men find that these medications work well and are generally tolerated, there are those males who cannot tolerate the side effects, such as fatigue, nausea, and headaches. Also, while many males find that these medications are effective, they are not without some serious side effects.

Other methods for treating premature ejaculation

Include taking herbal supplements (i.e., herbs containing saw palmetto), using hypnosis, and using prescription medications (i.e., Prozac, Tofranil, VigRx, etc.). However, all these methods come with risks and some side effects. For example, most herbal supplements are known to be scams, while most psychotropic drugs are linked to serious suicide attempts. Moreover, taking herbs like saw palmetto can be potentially dangerous for both men and their partners. Also, most antidepressants carry a host of unpleasant side effects, including nausea, headaches, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, and weight gain.

In addition to antidepressants, certain types of medications are sometimes prescribed off-label for pre-ejaculatory problems (e.g., SSRIs like Prozac and Zoloft). Sertraline is one such anti-ejaculatory medication. Sertraline is often used in treating obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression. It has been found to be effective in reducing pre-ejaculatory flow but has not been found to be effective in treating the underlying cause of pre-ejaculatory flow, which is believed to be related to serotonin depletion. Since this side effect can be experienced by almost anyone taking Sertraline, particularly those who take it in conjunction with other medications, sertraline must be kept in close contact with the patient’s health care provider.

A relatively new approach that may help to treat premature ejaculation

The use of antidepressants in combination with nitrous oxide, IV sedation, or anti-depressants have been found to be relatively effective in treating early ejaculatory response in men. This treatment protocol usually consists of the patient staying awake for about half an hour prior to having intercourse, the use of a nitrous oxide generator, or the oral ingestion of a small amount of nitrous oxide. Since the underlying cause of premature ejaculation is believed to be associated with excessive amounts of dopamine in the brain, this treatment combination can be somewhat effective in treating the condition. However, a number of patients have reported experiencing severe side effects from this regimen, including nausea, headaches, lightheadedness, vomiting, dry mouth, and even loss of consciousness.

Boost sexual performance is the use of herbal supplements. Many sexologists believe that the most effective way to treat PE (and all other sexual problems) is to treat the mind as well as the body. Therefore, there are a number of supplements being developed that target specific parts of the brain such as the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, the periaqueductal grey matter, and therethrocortis minor, which are believed to control ejaculatory responses. While these supplements are not approved by the FDA yet, many doctors across the country are recommending their use to patients suffering from the condition.

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