Main Article Of Electric Energy Storage

There are two kinds of Electricity, static Electricity and dynamic Electricity. Static Electricity is basically when electric charges build up on the outer surface of an object. This is generally caused by rubbing various materials together. The result of an over-production of static electricity is that various objects can be attracted towards each other which in turn may result in a spark or may cause some kind of heat to jump between them. A lot of machinery including engines and even lights use this kind of electricity in the process of working.















On the other hand, dynamic electricity involves the motion of electrons. When these electrons move, they end up creating voltages. In fact, all kinds of moving objects have a certain amount of static electric potential. So in the process of creating electric power, all kinds of moving objects create a varying amount of electric potential which gives electricity.

Electrical Device

All electric devices carry a small amount of electric charge; however, this charge is very low in concentration. This is because the atoms of the device have no charge to occupy and because there are no magnetic fields existing in free space to focus the charge to. The only way to generate an electric current is to attach electrodes to some conductors such as wires. The conductors are moved by means of an electric motor which is controlled by a person. The movement of the motor produces a constant current. However, the process of creation of this electric current through the circuit does not involve the generation of electric charge, rather, the production of magnetic fields which are associated with the movement of electrons.

The electrical current which is created by this method is in the form of electromagnetic radiation which can easily pass through space. However, the emitted radiation is in the form of radio waves. Radio waves will attract all kinds of atoms which are in their vicinity. The electrons will then start to move around freely within the atom causing the creation of charged pairs of electrons and positrons. These paired electrons and positrons will then align themselves in a particular direction creating a magnetic field. This magnetic field is what we know as electric energy.


This magnetic field is what makes up the main article of electric energy storage. When a battery is charging, the electrons are forced to align themselves again which makes them move towards their common center. The main article of electrical energy storage then pushes the electrons to their normal position creating a continuous flow of electricity. Since the main article of this flow of electricity is static electricity, the charge is generated very quickly.

It is important to understand that these main electric power industry technologies are not new. Many alternative energy storage systems have been developed over the years. However, these technologies were developed for other purposes and it has only been recently that they have found applications for electricity generation within the main electric power industry. Understanding the nature of electricity will help us to use alternative and clean energy resources more efficiently.

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