German Flag

History of the German Flag

The German Flag is a national symbol that represents German culture and heritage. The red, black, and white tricolor have been the emblem of the German army since the Wehrmacht era. Today this tricolor is still used by the German military as well as the German Navy. The colors of the flag have historically represented the fighting spirit and pride of the German people.


The German Flag

consists of three horizontal bands with red, black, and gold as its main color. The design of the tricolor has changed over time but it usually consists of a golden rectangle with the colors black, red, and gold. The colors of the tricolors are also related to the flower of the day. If you look closely at the tricolors you will notice that they are arranged in a unique pattern.


The German Air Force

also flies a different type of flag known as the Luftwaffe. The Luftwaffe is an air force consisting of the German Air Force and the German Navy. In addition to the use of tricolor as the main element of the flag, the Luftwaffe flies several different styles of horizontal flags. One of these is called the Euwe Flag. The most widely used Luftwaffe flag is the white-white-red double-sided flag. Another unique style of the German flag is the Luftwaffe’s black and white vertical flags, which were only used during the Battle of Britain.


Today the German Flag

is flown at half-mast on all military bases throughout the country. Although it is not seen at the same time on civilian buildings and streets as it was years ago, you can see the red and black tricolor everywhere today. The red-white colored German flag is the most commonly recognized flag by people in the United States, as well as in many other countries around the world. This flag is also used as the national symbol for Germany. The German Flag has become one of the most recognized and popular symbols in the world.


The current flag of Germany

has thirteen horizontal bands, which are called the Stortingen, which means that they originated in the year 15 Lolland. The original design of the flag had been created before the deposition of the Berlin Wall by the German forces. As a result of the deposition, the soldiers decided to remove the flag from the flagpole and put it on the side of the wall so that it would no longer be seen. When the Western world learned of this, they demanded that the troops remove the flag immediately and replace it with a new one. Although the Germans tried to explain that they had simply removed the wrong flag, the Allied soldiers saw that this was a big mistake, and they replaced the flag with the current German flag which is known as the Luftwaffe flag.


The color blue

is known to represent Christianity, whereas the colors red, yellow, and black are the traditional colors for the German army. Prior, to World War II, the German flag was also black, but following the war, the soldiers changed their minds and began painting the flag in the colors of their national army. After the defeat of the Weimar Republic, the German government removed the red and yellow from their flags, but this was not enough to appease the German people, who considered the military action in France against the republic a breach of German military law. To appease the German people, the flag was redesigned in the colors of the German military. Today, the current German flag is composed of black, yellow, and blue, with white being the largest element of the flag.

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