Energy-Efficient Practices

“Learn energy-efficient practices for your business,” is a familiar complaint. Many organizations, consumers, and politicians lament our dependency on foreign oil and the rising costs of energy. How can we, as business owners, help contribute to reducing American dependence on imported oil? What are some simple ways we can implement in our own businesses today to reduce energy consumption? The following article offers some practical suggestions that you can begin implementing today to cut back on your overall energy consumption while helping the environment.


taking advantage of the sun’s energy during the day

One major challenge business owners face is identifying where their energy use actually takes place. For example, are you really taking advantage of the sun’s energy during the day or are you using outdated, less efficient heat-generating equipment? A simple check of your Energy Star label can give you an idea of how energy-efficient your business is. If your business starves energy while your overhead is increasing, you may want to evaluate where some of your overhead is being paid for. Look for areas where you can make improvements.


Double-paned windows

Another area to look at is your buildings and rooms. Many buildings contain passive solar heating systems, double pane windows, insulation, and efficient appliances. These cost savings can be multiplied by the thousands and will not only save you money today but over time as well. Passive solar heating systems can provide up to 50% more heating than the alternative of using fossil fuels. Double-paned windows can also save you a tremendous amount on your cooling costs.



turning off lights when you leave the house, unplugging appliances, and unplugging toys

In our own lives, many of us would like to do what we can to save as much energy as possible. We love the fact that we have electricity to use during the day, but it makes us sad to think that another year there will be no more power or gas available. Changing your habits now can save you in the future, as well as right now. Save electricity by turning off lights when you leave the house, unplugging appliances, and unplugging toys.


start being responsible for your water and electrical usage

One way to start saving money and energy is to start being responsible for your water and electrical usage. Turn off your computer when you are not home, and if you have a microwave beware of the automatic timers on the machines. Turn off your TV and all televisions when you are not watching television. Take shorter showers, and when you take a shower, only to fill up the bath to the maximum point, rather than going beyond the limit. If you are at work, set your computers to sleep mode so that they don’t continuously be running.


Energy efficiency practices can not only save you money and save the planet but also open up doors for new opportunities and job prospects. If you have the skills, a business idea, and the dedication to turn it into a reality, start working on it today. Your friends and family may even want to start a business involving energy efficiency themselves. Energy efficiency in business is important because as energy bills go up, so do the profits. It is time to start taking responsibility for your own life.

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