Divorce and New York Lawyers

determining the validity of child-related insurance claims

A divorce attorney practices in the area of civil law, concentrating in the area of disputes between individuals. This field may well be flooded with life-shaping decisions and emotions. Therefore, a divorce attorney must delicately and justifiably deal with a whole host of family-related issues from a divorce, legal separation, and/or child custody, to child visitation and support. A divorce attorney can effectively assist the client in resolving such intractable family matters as property division, settlement of marital debt, determining which parent is awarded joint legal and physical custody, the modification of alimony and spousal support, modification of child visitation schedules, determining the validity of child-related insurance claims, and the dissolution of marriage.

Divorce attorneys have an important role in ensuring that their clients receive the fair compensation they deserve. In most cases, divorce attorneys are paid on a contingency fee basis, which means that the client retains no legal fees if the case is lost. If the case is won, the winning party pays the other’s legal fees. Attorneys in the field of family law represent both parties in court and help them reach agreeable settlement agreements.

mediate marital disputes

A divorce lawyer can be instrumental in resolving many family related issues, including a divorce, common-law marriage, annulment (same-sex marriage), termination of marriage, and child custody and visitation rights for children. They are also adept in handling a host of immigration, employment, spousal and child support, and criminal litigation matters. A divorce attorney can also counsel individuals who have been the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution, or have been accused of crimes such as fraud or falsifying statements, and in defending those individuals in criminal proceedings. Individuals may also retain the services of a New York divorce attorney to mediate marital disputes that have become too heated.

Divorce attorneys also provide legal representation for individuals who are involved in serious accidents that have occurred within the course of a relationship. Medical malpractice can often lead to a divorce and wrongful death suit. These attorneys work aggressively on a contingency basis, which means that they only charge for services that they obtain and perform in a successful manner. This can include providing legal defense and counseling after an accident. Most importantly, family law attorneys represent their clients in any legal proceedings related to child custody and visitation.

resorting to harsh divorce measures

An attorney dealing with the courts can help secure the financial future of both spouses through fair and competitive divorce settlements. If you wish to dissolve your marriage peacefully, without resorting to harsh divorce measures, then it is necessary to obtain the services of a competent family lawyer. There are many New York lawyers who have established reputations in the region. For example, Jeffreyery Deutsch, of Deutsch & Eisenman, PC, has represented thousands of clients in the area of business, family, personal injury, commercial law, and criminal law.

Contested divorce occurs when both parties agree to the terms of a divorce settlement but disagree on the final outcome. In these instances, the judge allows both parties to enter into a marital settlement agreement. In an uncontested divorce, both parties sign the prenuptial agreement or marital settlement agreement, and both parties submit proof of income and assets to the court. Family lawyers can also help prevent minor children from being alienated from one parent, or from remaining with the other during a divorce. For example, if one parent has primary custody of the children, then the attorney will work on a parenting plan that will ensure that the minor children are able to maintain strong relationships with both parents.

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