Creating a Custom Kitchen Design

What’s a kitchen without a kitchen island?

With so many new kitchen designs and trends expected for 2021, you’re bound to be anxious to add a few new kitchen decor and style ideas to your best-used room in the house. A kitchen island can provide an extra countertop or storage area for small appliances or can serve as a breakfast bar. Decorating a kitchen with an island allows you to have more room for everything, while keeping kitchen clutter down.

One of the most popular finishes for kitchen cabinets is stained wood. Maple, oak, cherry and birch are among the popular stains. Depending on personal preference, some may prefer a unique finish such as baked-on finish or oil rubbed bronze. Solid unfinished cabinets can go with almost any color scheme. Stained or painted finishes are eight elements of kitchen design: polish, bevel, line, color and stain. Let’s take a look at these closely to see how each fits into your kitchen design plan.

Oak is a great choice for kitchen countertops

Maple is one of the classic and most popular wood types used for kitchen cabinets. Maple adds a sense of elegance to a kitchen that is hard to match with anything else. Maple has an earthy flavor that some craftsman find satisfying. Maple is also durable and strong, which makes it suitable for high traffic areas.

Oak is another popular wood type used in kitchen designs because it has rich, warm color that makes it a good fit with a traditional kitchen color scheme. Oak is a great choice for kitchen countertops because of its strength and durability. It doesn’t need to be sealed like some other woods might need to protect small appliances. An easy polish with soap and water is all that is needed to bring out the natural beauty of Oak kitchen cabinets.

provide excellent heat insulation properties and they are very durable

Cherry is also a popular wood for kitchen cabinets. Some craftsmen stain Cherry in a variety of beautiful hues to help add an extra depth of color. Because it is a hard wood, Cherry should be avoided for the flooring of cabinets because it stains easily. If you do stain Cherry cabinets, be sure to only use the stain on cabinets that will be seen frequently. You can also use other woods like MDF to finish the wood grain in your kitchen cabinets.

To make your Kitchen seem like it was built by a professional craftsman the elements of Granite, Marble, and Iron are appropriate choices for your cabinets and countertops. These elements help to give your kitchen a sense of warmth and class. They also provide excellent heat insulation properties and they are very durable. The combination of the dark wood finishes with the shiny metal and glass elements gives a beautiful result. The dark, rich colors of Marble can be combined with any number of other colors to create interesting effects.

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