Build Your Own Pub Shed

ensure their property is conducive to their lifestyle

Enjoying and entertaining life at home with your friends is fantastic for the budget conscious homeowner. A popular new style is the garden bar and pub shed, ideal for beer and outdoor entertaining. With more outdoor living rooms, play spaces, and storage facilities, many properties are increasing as much as thirty percent to their resell value with this simple yet effective design. In today’s buyers market, these value-conscious homeowners will take pride in their homes and make every effort to ensure their property is conducive to their lifestyle.

When considering a project that adds resale value to your home, a combination of a garden bar and pub shed is a perfect match. One component can be easily integrated into the other to create a beautiful finished product. If you’re willing to invest a significant amount of time, energy, and money into the construction and design of your addition, your personal taste and preferences will also be considered by your builder/contractor. However, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, incorporating a diy project into your existing home may provide you with the experience and satisfaction of designing your own custom addition.

begin with the foundation and building process

A professional contractor will begin with the foundation and building process of your backyard garden bar and pub addition. Once the foundation and structure have been tested and found to be sound, your design engineer will create a plan of how your addition will be designed and constructed. You’ll then choose whether you’d like your outdoor space to be an open air cooking area, an intimate gathering place for family and friends, or perhaps a quiet spot to host that special event or party.

Once the design phase has been finalized, a licensed contractor will create the layout and construction specifics for your new garden bar and pub shed. Because your backyard design will impact the size and location of your new bar and addition, it is crucial to select a builder or contractor with a good reputation in the construction industry. Before beginning any construction work, ensure that the company you select is licensed and insured. Hiring a company without first ensuring that they have the proper credentials and insurance would be a huge mistake.

build your outdoor storage facility on a concrete slab

The location of your new backyard pub shed will also play a major role in determining the design and style of your home improvement project. If your house has easy access to nearby roads and utilities, you may want to consider installing your bar and addition on an existing foundation or garage. This will allow you to easily move your furniture and equipment between your home and the building if necessary. If your house is on an unstable foundation or located far from a city’s downtown core, it may be best to build your outdoor storage facility on a concrete slab. However, even if your house is on solid ground, your builder should offer you the option of including a gazebo or trellis on your design.

Once you’ve chosen a location and purchased all necessary materials, you can begin construction. The entire project can take approximately two to four weeks from start to finish, depending on the amount of materials and customization you choose to include. The initial cost of building your DIY bar and shed will be comprised of the price of the materials plus your fees for hiring a contractor to design and construct the structure on site. You should expect to pay anywhere from two to five thousand dollars for all the materials necessary to create your DIY pub shed. The cost of constructing your bar and shed, combined with any funds you may have available to you from your bank account should be enough to close your loan with the lender.

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