Altmetric’s Social Networking Site Rankings For 2021

A social networking site is an internet platform that people use to develop personal or professional relationships with others who share similar hobbies, activities, professions, life experiences or even real-life ties. The internet has allowed individuals from all walks of life to establish lasting and close relationships through a variety of mediums such as social networking websites, blogs, forums, and personal web pages. Individuals are able to share information about themselves, build friendships and establish professional careers by participating in these sites. However, a lot of this personal interaction and development of relationships occurs within the virtual world rather than the real world.

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An example of a social networking site would be Facebook. This website allows internet users to create their own profiles that they can update regularly. These profile pages then become part of the wider social network of internet users.

Social Networking

Some internet users may be concerned about using social networking sites to develop personal and professional relationships. After all, many internet users consider social media to be potentially dangerous since it can allow predators to gain access to victims. In some cases, these social networking sites have actually enabled predators to gain access to and contact victims in order to further their agenda or obtain private and confidential information about them. In fact, many types of predatory journals have been released on social media platforms. These predatory journals have allowed internet predators to gain access to and share information about specific victims. Such information has been used to lure more victims into having inappropriate relationships.

In response to this potential danger, some experts recommend that internet users take steps to avoid placing their personal information on web 2.0 networking sites. For instance, it is recommended that people use fake profiles on social networks such as MySpace and Facebook in order to prevent anyone from accessing their personal data. Similarly, people should be aware that they should not publish details of their address, phone number, place of work, school, and date of birth on web 2.0 websites.


Altmetrics researchers suggest that users should be cautious about the frequency of their posts on the social networking site. They advise users to post once per week. Moreover, the social networking site should restrict the amount of information posted regarding a single individual or company.

Altmetrics researchers also recommend that business owners and professionals to place the links of their website on as many social networking sites as they can. They suggest that business owners place the link of their website on as many social networking sites as they can. In addition, the business owner should also make sure that the links of the websites on the social networking site are not expired. Finally, it is recommended that web 2.0 websites such as LinkedIn allow for business professionals to search for other professionals who are linked to their company profile through the social media platform.

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