Advantages Of Telehealth

Telehealth is the process of distributing healthcare-related services and details through telecommunication technology and personal electronic data. It enables patient/clinician contact, medical care, information, reminders, educational guidance, monitoring, remote admissions, diagnosis, treatment, and post-diagnosis support. It connects a clinic or hospital to its patient community through the Internet and telephone. The availability of patient records, consultation notes, appointment schedules, medical histories, and other healthcare information enhances telemedicine and improves the quality of care. These records are secured with encryption, safe from unauthorized use.


schedule appointments online in minutes

With the advancements in the field of computer science and medicine, it has become quite possible to schedule appointments online in minutes. By simply clicking on the icon of “schedule appointments,” patients can now log on to their computer, view their schedule, click on “agree,” and enter the verification code. Once this is done, the patient can proceed to set their appointment times and be connected with qualified telehealth professional. Online patient portal, available for use by nurses and other clinical health care staff, helps patients in accessing their own medical history and test results, doctor contacts, appointment reminders, and calendar, among others. Telehealth application and software for medical billing also facilitate the collection of insurance claims and manage the schedule of medications and treatment.


patients can access their own medical records at any time

Using telehealth application, patients can access their own medical records at any time, anywhere. For those who need detailed medical history reports, these can also be downloaded and reviewed. Telemedicine is designed for patients who find it difficult to attend in-person physician clinics or hospitals because of various reasons such as distance, scheduling problems, and busy work schedules. Also, telehealth is a better alternative in providing prompt medical assistance in cases where a patient is out of town or out of the country and cannot make it to his or her local health center. Through an online patient portal, patients can schedule appointments for tests, consultations, and checkups without the need to travel or overnight stays.


Telemedicine enhances better-coordinated health care

When patients have easier access to their health records, they can obtain necessary information more quickly and efficiently. This also allows them to file claims faster so they will not delay their recovery from illnesses or injuries. Telemedicine also allows practitioners to offer better coordinated medical care to patients. The information provided by the online patient portal makes it easier for physicians to provide accurate diagnoses and treatment and can help in promoting better education and awareness.


offer health information services

According to the Insurance Information Institute (IIA), a September 2021 report from the American Medical Association revealed that many hospitals across the country are moving toward short-term telehealth plans. According to the survey, almost two-thirds of American hospitals that offer health information services have already started offering telemedicine services. However, many doctors still do not use telehealth services for routine patient care such as exams and prescriptions.


Telehealth provides a more convenient way for patients

Several health care professionals believe that telehealth may benefit patients who have a difficult time remembering important appointments or vital signs. Telemedicine is a way for these people to be able to gather important information without actually having to meet the person. These individuals may also benefit from better coordinated primary care providers and doctors as well. Telemedicine may also allow patients who have memory problems to retain medical histories more easily. Telehealth provides a more convenient way for patients to receive necessary health care services.

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