Activity Books for Moms!

Mom has been going through a lot of changes recently. After giving birth to our twins we were so excited, and for a little while it seemed as though the toddler phase was over and we were just enjoying our time together. Then the unthinkable happened: Our second child arrived – and this time it wasn’t a girl, but a boy! It was a completely traumatic experience for us all, and the changes that have come throughout the last year have been very difficult to manage.



This is why now is the best time to remind Mom of all the things she loves about being a mom and to get her in the mood to nurture some new life into her already overflowing life. There is no better day than Mother’s Day to feel impulsive! Book a weekend getaway for both of you in a beautiful, quiet B&B with a babysitter you have always wanted to hire. Mom can escape to her cozy room to read a book, or go out to a spa to enjoy a pedicure and manicure. Get your creative juices flowing by planning a dinner party complete with special food favorites mom has been dying to try. Once the kids have gone to bed, take over the house and make mom a gourmet breakfast in bed, and then clean up the house in preparation for everyone else’s nap.


When the children are done playing, read them a story that you wrote! Or invite the neighborhood kids over for a storytime. There are activity books for children with tons of ideas for silly adventures for young ones. If you want to surprise Mom, bring her to a secret activity book party, where she can pretend to be an adventurer and solve a mystery without anyone else around! This will really delight Mom, who’ll probably feel like she’s been given a new profession.

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