A Home Gym is Only As Good As the Exercise You Mix

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With the rising cost of health care and the growing concern for diet and fitness, a home gym may be a long lost dream of yours. But in 2021, home gyms will feel like little independent cities. And your high-priced in-ground gym will finally have to evolve into an inviting, affordable workout machine.

Home gyms have been around for decades; they just haven’t felt very welcoming. In the days before the commercial weight machines, people would set up their machines in their living rooms and work out seven days a week. Those kind of workouts burn calories like mad but do very little for your body. For that reason, people either pay for expensive gym memberships or endure the torturing workouts of time-consuming cardio routines.

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Today, there are home gyms all over America with expensive full-length mirrors and pre-programmed workouts. But as the medical pandemic accelerates, more people are beginning to feel like they have to join gyms to keep up with the Joneses. For that reason, more gyms are choosing to offer deals and special “lifestyle classes” to keep members happy while paying less. You can now get full-length mirrors in some gyms for $100 or less, and you don’t need to pay for a membership to get started.

Some experts suggest the home gym trend is a reflection of the way Americans are getting healthier. When people lose weight, they generally also lose muscle mass and this makes the overall fitness level worse than it was before. But the trend is beginning to reverse, and today’s fitter, healthier people are paying less for their fitness equipment. If you want to stay in shape, a cardio machine is only so expensive, whereas a full-body resistance machine such as a Swiss ball or cable flywheel can run you several thousand dollars – but will provide better overall fitness results than either cardio or weights alone.

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Before you buy any home gym equipment, however, it’s a good idea to check out some unbiased online reviews to see what kind of experience other customers have had. Many online fitness equipment reviews allow users to rate the equipment they bought, and these can often help you make the right choice when buying a home gym. Home gyms can also vary greatly in price, so it’s a good idea to find a gym that fits your budget as well as possible. Another thing to think about is that no piece of fitness equipment works the same for every person. There are different muscles in each region of your body, and certain workouts might be better for one set of muscles than another.

For those looking for an exercise that is fun and low-impact, a treadmill can be an excellent choice for a home gym. The only problem is that, while a treadmill is a low impact exercise, it can also be very slow, which is not ideal for people who are trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness or burn more calories. For those who want a more intense workout, a combination of weights and a treadmill can be a more effective exercise, as long as you combine these two exercises with some form of cardiovascular exercise or some form of dance.

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