3 Healthy Alternatives

3 Healthy Alternatives To Store-Bought Treats

This holiday season, many people are seeking healthy alternatives to store-bought Christmas treats. Many people don’t have time to prepare a traditional holiday dinner and instead opt for quick and easy meals that they can make in their own kitchens. While cooking a traditional meal may be fun, it can be quite expensive. One of the best and most economical healthy alternatives is using low-fat or fat-free chocolate. These delicious treats can be enjoyed during the whole week without causing weight gain.


The most popular healthy alternatives to chocolate are fruits

If you crave sweets but can’t stand the taste of sugar, try fresh fruit. There are plenty of healthy fruits on the market that are low in calories and have no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. In addition, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, making them an excellent source of nutrients for those who are trying to get their bodies back into shape.


Other healthy alternatives to eating chocolate

include low-fat yogurt and other dairy products. Some people who are lactose intolerant substitute yogurt for chocolate because it has the same reaction in their body as regular yogurt. Another healthy alternative to sweet treats is using unsweetened and natural fruit juice instead of sugary drinks. You can use fresh fruit juices from your garden or fruit juices from the grocery such as apple cider vinegar or lime juice. Adding cinnamon, nutmeg, or lemon to the juice can give it a delicious taste.


For the most wholesome wheat choices available

consider whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread contains more nutrients than its white bread counterparts and is more filling. While both types of bread are high in calories, the filling factor of whole wheat is much healthier. Many people are starting to recognize the health benefits of eating whole wheat pieces of bread over the past year and this has caused whole wheat bread to become one of the more popular healthy alternatives to store-bought sandwiches.


For a great source of protein

try a chickpea salad. Chickpeas are high in protein and contain all eight of the necessary amino acids that are essential to the body. They are also high in nutrients and are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can use chickpeas in several different ways, including in a yogurt dressing, on top of baked potatoes, in a veggie tray with some sliced tomatoes and olives, or as a nice side dish on a bed of raw vegetables.


If you’re trying to avoid cravings

consider replacing sweet desserts with healthier alternatives. You may even want to consider limiting your intake of chocolate in favor of healthier alternatives. You never know when you may hit a sweet craving and it can be hard to resist. If you limit the number of calories you consume you will find it easier to resist the sugary desserts that seem to be all the rage at this time.

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